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UVB CFL for reptiles

-- ES-13W UVB2.0&5.0&10.0&12.0
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UVB CFL for reptiles
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UVB CFL for reptiles
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Product Details:
Model Number:ES-13W UVB2.0&5.0&10.0&12.0
Place of Origin:Guangdong China
Brand Name:ZooCute

UVB CFL for reptiles Product Description

1) Ideal spectrum for all types of reptiles and amphibians.

2 )High visual light output.
3) Gives the pet UVA rays and a small amount of UVB rays (2%, 5%,10%)
4) Stimulates appetite, digestion, reproduction through UVA radiation and calcium absorption through UVB.
5) Model:
ES-13W UVB2.0/E26/110V;
ES-13W UVB2.0/E27/220V;
ES-13W UVB5.0/E26/110V;
ES-13W UVB5.0/E27/220V;
ES-13W UVB10.0/E26/110V;
ES-13W UVB10.0/E27/220V;

ES-13W UVB12.0/E26/110V;
ES-13W UVB12.0/E27/220V;

ES-26W UVB2.0/E26/110V;
ES-26W UVB2.0/E27/220V;
ES-26W UVB5.0/E26/110V;
ES-26W UVB5.0/E27/220V;
ES-26W UVB10.0/E26/110V;
ES-26W UVB10.0/E27/220V;
ES-26W UVB12.0/E26/110V;

ES-26W UVB12.0/E27/220V.?/span>

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