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Metal halide aquarium lamp

-- 250W/400W E39/E40
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Metal halide aquarium lamp
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Metal halide aquarium lamp
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Product Details:
Model Number:250W/400W E39/E40
Place of Origin:Guangdong China
Brand Name:ZoomCute

Metal halide aquarium lamp Product Description

Metal halide aquarium lamp

1. Match external MH electronic ballast to use.

2. Strong light is especially suitable for the growingof aquatic, tropical fish and halobios, accelerate the growing of coral andspineless animal.

3. Various of color to choose: 8000Kกข10000Kกข14000Kกข2000Kseveral colors can be made, is the perfect lighting source for the seaaquarium.

4. Good illumination to build the best sight for Landscape.

5. Long life above 6000hrs,little lumen depreciation.

6. 70W,150W,250W,400W are available. 

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